Behind Every Perfect Mom is a Great Night Sleep

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Woke up on the wrong side of the bed? Don’t beat yourself up  it’s probably because you’re not the perfect mom.

Everybody knows that the perfect mom gets out of bed with perfectly groomed hair and 10 hours of sleep under their belt. For the perfect mom, the skies are always sunny, the house is spotless, there’s a cherry pie on the kitchen table, and the kids are playing happily, yet quietly  because the perfect mom obviously procreates perfect children. Sibling wars never happen under the watch of the perfect mom. Did we mention that she also has 1 million Instagram followers?

The biggest lie we face in life is that, once we grow up and become parents, we’ll have our stuff together. Ironically, it’s when we become parents that we find we have nothing figured out. Fumbling through life, deprived of sleep, doesn’t end when you graduate college  moms are the ones who truly know what it means to show up in sweats and messy buns, coffee in hand and ready to brave whatever life  or their toddler -- might throw at them that day. They know the true definition of 24/7, and for that, we don’t call them "perfect moms", we call them warriors. But honestly, what’s cooler than that?

Behind every perfect mom might be a great night sleep, but behind every warrior mom is a night of sleep that requires discernment and strategy. She calculates the amount of hours she thinks she’ll sleep at night  and her “plan B” strategy for the next day’s schedule if she wakes up far more sleep deprived than she anticipated. There’s no perfect solution to night time sleep with a restless, needy infant who needs to eat every 5 minutes  & we get that. Here at Lulyboo, we praise the parents who are just doing the best they can.

The hot topic for today’s parents regarding their family’s sleep situation is whether or not they choose to co-sleep. Whatever choice you make is entirely up to you  but here are some things to consider before making your decision  and how  Lulyboo can help better make your choice!


  • Infants who co-sleep tend to, overall, get sleep at night.
  • When infants are sleeping better at night, you do, too.
  • Breastfeeding is much more convenient  you don’t even have to get out of bed!
  • Studies show that co-sleeping increases bonds between infants and their parents.
  • Studies show that co-sleeping helps mothers recover from labor quicker, including postnatal depression — a condition that over 10% of moms experience.


  • Co-sleeping is harmful to your baby if you’re under the influence of alcohol/drugs.
  • If your baby is premature, under 3 months old or at a low birth weight  your baby is at a higher risk of SIDS.
  • Your hair, or the hairs on your bedspread, blankets or sheets can create a higher risk of Toe Tourniquet.
  • Overheating can occur.
  • It can disrupt sleeping patterns for later in the child’s life.
  • The transition into a crib can be more difficult.

Whether or not you decide co-sleeping is the right choice for your family, our Bassinet To-Go can assist in several different ways:

Co-sleeping with our Bassinet To-Go can greatly minimize co-sleeping risks. With the breathable material of our Bassinet To-Go, babies can sleep safely, confined comfortably by the barrier walls of our Bassinet To-Go. Our Bassinet To-Go is airy enough to give your baby wiggle room, but small enough to feel cozy and keep your baby from rolling over in the night. This can not only minimize risks of SIDS, but it can also give your child room for their own space, preventing your baby from overheating and Toe Tourniquet.

Co-sleeping with our Bassinet To-Go can also help aid the transition from the bed to the crib. If your child grows accustomed to co-sleeping in their Bassinet To-Go, they are likely to feel comfortable sleeping in their Bassinet To-Go in other locations  including their crib.

If you decide that co-sleeping is not worth the risk  you’re still in luck, because our Bassinet To-Go was created for a more extensive purpose. With its lightweight, folding backpack design, it was initially designed to be taken on-the-go. Even a baby that sleeps fabulously through the night needs naps all throughout the day  and thanks to our Bassinet To-Go, nap time can happen from anywhere: at the park, the beach, even your local cafe.

The point is  YOU get to decide. Whether you’re debating the co-sleeping lifestyle, or deciding whether you want to eat lunch in the kitchen or at the park,  we’re here to help increase your options and expand your horizons.

This is your life  we’re just living in it.


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