Calming those Kiddos

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We’ve all been there – trying to deal with a fussy, screaming baby at the end of a long day. It’s one of the most trying situations new moms and dads face. But with just a few tried and true tips from the experts, we think you’ll find that dealing with fussy baby can be a totally manageable experience. 

 Dealing with a fussy baby can be a trying experience for even the most-seasoned of parents. The noise, stress and desperation are enough to drive anyone up the walls, and its not like parenting ever gives coffee breaks! So check out these long-proven tips and tricks you can use, to calm down your baby, when it seems like an impossible task.

  1. Check the obvious: It’s quite possible that whatever’s upsetting baby is just under your nose…or under a diaper. Check and see if your baby is hungry, has a dirty diaper, or if they are comfortable, it might be as easy as that.
  2. Recreate the womb: Babies always feel more comfortable in a womb-like environment; it takes them back to a simpler, calmer time. So wrap up your baby in your arms, a soft blanket, or a swaddle and rock them gently, making gentle white noises to soothe them.
  3. Turn off sources of overstimulation: Sometimes, babies can be overwhelmed by our modern, technological surroundings. Turn of the TV, computer, or anything else creating lights and sounds.
  4. Alleviate boredom: Babies dislike boredom just like the rest of us do. So if boredom truly is the issue, take baby for a walk, play, or sing a song to your baby.
  5. Change your energy: Babies are tremendously sensitive to energy around them, and crying babies tend to make us all a little on edge. So try calming yourself down, and converting your energy into something happier, lighter, and more positive.


Keeping your fussy baby calm is important to a healthy household environment, for the entire family. But remember, sometimes, when a baby is crying, they just need to cry. And don’t worry, it won’t last forever.  

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