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Are you a Mom that would like to make some extra money and earn rewards towards discounts on Lulyboo products in the new year?

If you said yes, then let us help familiarize you with the Lulyboo Affiliate Program.

There are two main ways to start earning. The first is monetary (a bounty paid out by PayPal) and the second is a point system that garners you discount rewards towards Lulyboo products. Both of these can be lucrative to you. The strategy that works for one affiliate may not work for another, so do not get discouraged. Once you find what works for you... run with it, the possibilities are endless.

We at Lulyboo are here to help you. Once you are signed up as a Lulyboo Affiliate, you are part of our team. We want you to succeed. We can provide you with banners and other marketing to help promote your link. Just let us know what you need and we will do our very best to help support you.

If this is your first time becoming part of an affiliate program, or you are a seasoned affiliate, we have some helpful tips and tricks to share that can help you along your way.


  • Utilize your social media channels by posting your affiliate link to your friends, family, and other followers. This will earn you points with every share. When someone uses your affiliate link to purchase an item, you will earn a bounty and they will get your 15% discount on any item in the Lulyboo store.
  • If you have a blog or have thought about starting one, you can post your affiliate link to start earning residual income with every sale your affiliate link provides.
  • Use the internet to help you. If you are part of any Moms groups or other Parenting groups, you can share your link with them. Let them know about you 15% discount. Parents love to save money on baby products. Sharing your link also earns you reward points, so the more you share your Lulyboo Affiliate link, the more possibilities you have to earn.
  • Start sharing your own photos and videos with you and your family using your Lulyboo products. People love seeing clear photos and honest reviews of products. This will give you a way to share your affiliate link with people. It makes you more relatable.
  • Start creating youtube videos of Lulyboo products. This will earn you a good amount of rewards points and it is a good way to get your link out there.
  • Word of mouth is an easy way to share your love of Lulyboo products, this can give you a great opportunity to share your affiliate link with people who are interested.
  • Use your e-mail list to your advantage. Sharing a quick e-mail about your favorite Lulyboo products can help get people interested in the products. Be sure to include your affiliate link for them to use, so they can get the benefit of your 15% discount when they make their purchase.
  • If you haven't already, join some parenting boards. Parents are always looking for the latest and greatest baby products. You can share about all of your Lulyboo products and give your link to those that are interested.
  • Start recruiting affiliates of your own. You earn points for new affiliate recruits and you will also earn a bounty when your recruited affiliate makes their first sale. This can really boost your rewards and bounties.


These are just a few helpful ideas to make the Lulyboo Affiliate Program work for you. You will find many other ways that will work for you too, so never be afraid to get creative and try something outside the box.

Remember to always have fun and love what you are doing. That will get you to where you want to be.

*To learn more about how the Bounty and Point Reward system works or to sign up as a Lulyboo Affiliate please click here*


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