Gearing up for the Fall and Winter Holiday season with Lulyboo

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We know that traveling for a vacation can be a lot of work. Sometimes this leaves you and your children stressed, so we’ve compiled a helpful top 5 list of lulyboo products to make your holiday travel a little easier.


1.) Lulyboo Infant-To-Toddler Head And Body Support- You can use this in your child’s carseat, stroller and even in a highchair to control messes from accidents or spilled drinks. This double duty support cushion is the perfect accessory on your travels. Just use the bottom waterproof section when your little ones are seated and now whatever is underneath them will remain clean and dry.


2.) Toddler Safety Harness and Backpack- Pack this backpack with a snack, drink and some new toys or activities.This will keep your little ones busy on your trip. The backpack harness also comes in handy when your tots need to stretch their legs.


3.) Diaper Changing Kit- Fill this with a few diapers, baby wipes, cream, diaper disposal bags and a little toy and you have the perfect place to change your baby. Since this kit is a wristlet with a pocket on the outside, you can put your wallet and keys in, so you can use it as a clutch on you trip.


4.)Smart Edge Outdoor Blanket- Don’t let the name fool you. This blanket can be used indoors too. Use this blanket on your trip for a safe clean area for your child to play on indoors . Just put out some toys and let your little kids roll around and play. It is also nice to let them have a area to enjoy a snack and a drink. You will not have to worry about spills because the bottom of the blanket is waterproof. And messes wipe right off the blanket with ease.



5.)Bassinet To Go Metro- Give your baby a cozy and familiar place to sleep. This will keep you all happy and rested. You can use the Bassinet for sleeping on the Plane, train and at your destination. The bassinet also doubles as a nice play space for your baby. You can hang your child's favorite toy on the toy bar and let them play.

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