October 31 Day Challenge!

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Fall is the best time of year don’t you agree?! We’re so hyped up that we’ve created an OCTOBER 31 DAY CHALLENGE! Read on to live this season to its fullest. 

October 1st: Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew at Starbucks

It’s International Coffee Day… you know what that means! Pumpkin Spice Latte, Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew, Salted Caramel Mocha it doesn’t matter. Just sip some Fall Vibes, Fall season long!

October 2nd: Go apple picking

Here in Southern California… apple orchards are unfortunately few & far between. But even though Whole Foods is right across the street, we’re opting out to get our apples fresh from the branch this month! 

If you happen to live in Southern California, here are some apple orchards to check out:

    October 3rd: Light some candles & decorate the house.

    Trader Joe’s not only has the CUTEST pumpkins to decorate the house with, but they also have their own UNIQUE candles, including Vanilla Pumpkin! YUM! 

    October 4th: Halloween Costume DIY night

    You don’t have to create your Halloween costume -- but it is more fun. Check out Pinterest for 150 Costume Ideas for Families (with the baby!)

    October 5th: Try the Butternut Squash Pasta from Trader Joe’s

    Not gonna lie, I was skeptical about this one! As much as I love pumpkins & Trader Joe’s, I wasn’t sure how I would like eating pumpkin shaped noodles & flavored pasta. But I stand corrected, the Butternut Squash Pasta it is DEFINITELY a must-try (& just plain cute, let’s be honest)!

    October 6th: Pick up a fresh, new journal

    Personally, I’m obsessed with journaling. One of my favorite aisles at any department store is the journal aisle! But one of my FAVORITE Fall traditions is to create my own DIY journal cover. Moleskine Cahier Journals has a few great color options for this -- but what says ‘FALL’ more than their warm brown shade?!

    October 7th: Pumpkin patch photos

    As if you weren’t planning to do this anyway! 😉 Dress your family in fall sweaters & head out to the pumpkin patch for this year’s Christmas card! Just make sure that you go home with at least two… you’ll need them later! 🙈

    October 8th: Jot a list of everything you’re thankful for.

    Now that you’ve doodled on that new journal, get listing! No matter who you are or what this season is like for you, I know there are at least 10 THINGS you have to be thankful for today.

    For a REAL mood changer… do this everyday! You will be seriously amazed at how daily gratitude will change the way you view life. 

    October 9th: Go to a park where leaves are changing color & just sit.

    Finding a patch of Fall trees can be a challenge, depending on where you live. But I challenge you to try or at the very least, find some form of nature to relax in! Afterall, enjoying the fall weather is half the joy. 🍁

    October 10th: Carve pumpkins

    Remember those pumpkins you picked up at the pumpkin patch? It’s time to pick up one & carve it! Read on for the 1 Simple Pumpkin Carving Hack that will change the way you carve pumpkins FOR GOOD!

    October 11th: Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies

    You CAN’T go this season without whipping up this Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Recipe. Pair one with a Pumpkin Spice Latte for the ultimate fall treat!

    October 12th: Corn-on-the-cob BBQ!

    It’s harvest SEASON! You know what that means?! There’s never been a better REASON for corn-on-the-cob. So invite some friends over, fire up that grill, & try one of these 15 AMAZING corn-on-the-cob recipes (I’m partial to the Sea Salt Garlic)!

    October 13th: Gaze at the moon & stars

    HEAD’S UP tonight is a full moon! Take your family out for a night of stargazing & cuddles. 

    October 14th: Jump in a huge pile of leaves

    Channel your inner child with today’s challenge. But let’s be honest we’re NEVER too old for this one. 

    October 15th: Go on a walk & let your little ones pick leaves

    Pick up a cheap photo album & let them keep there collected leaves inside! The leaves might grow old & crusty, but your kids will love it and they can replace them next fall season!

    October 16th: Make fall sangria!

    Happy Hump Day! Celebrate with a pitcher of Fall Sangria! There’s 35 different recipes to choose from one to try every day of the month & MORE. 

    October 17th: PAINT pumpkins

    Pumpkin carving is fun & all, but how ‘bout you try painting pumpkins to shake things up? They’re way less maintenance, & quite frankly, they’re prettier!

    October 18th: Take A spooky graveyard tour!

    If you don’t have a literal graveyard tour near you there’s gotta be at least a haunted house tour. Purchase two tickets, make it a date night with your partner!

    October 19th: Check out a fall festival!

    Find your local fall festival, take a trip with the family! It’s Saturday, so you’re bound to find one but if not, a local farmer’s market will do! 

    October 20th: Visit a local candle shop!

    If you don’t already have a favorite candle shop go find one! I promise, nothing feels more like fall than the aroma of fall scents surrounding you! When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with Yankee Candle (especially their Mulled Cider yum!)

    October 21st: Bake a fresh pie bring it to a neighbor

    Apple, Pumpkin, Pecan, whatever. Bake it & surprise a neighbor! Click here for an incredible Apple Butter Pumpkin Pie recipe.

    October 22nd: Corn maze or Hayride

    Either/or will do for this Tuesday afternoon! If you can’t find one out on your town, do it homestyle! Find someone with a truck, fill the back with hay bales & go for a ride!

    October 23rd: Watch a CLASSIC Monster movie

    We’re not talking about Hotel Transylvania (though, the kids might prefer it). Pick out any classic monster movie (like Frankenstein or Ghostbusters), pop the popcorn, & bask in it’s old fashioned cinema art.

    October 24th: Indoor fort

    Today’s challenge will gear your kids up for tomorrow. Build an indoor fort with the family, turn off the lights, & take turns telling ghost stories with your kiddos!

    October 25th: Camping

    It’s time for a camping trip! Pitch a tent somewhere near some fall trees, & continue the ghost-story telling part 2 around a bonfire! Read on for travel tips to camping with toddlers & babies!

    October 26th: Make s’mores

    Tonight’s bonfire doesn’t need to be quite as intense. Opt-out the ghost stories for campfire songs & s’mores!

    October 27th: “Boo” Somebody!

    Don’t know what it means to “Boo” Somebody? Click the link to the BOO Game & get going. All you need is some candy & a nearby neighbor!

    October 28th: Wear your favorite flannel!

    Whether you button it up, layer it or wear it around your waist EVERYONE has a favorite flannel. Make sure you wear yours today! 

    October 29th: Progressive dinners

    Grab a bunch of friends or family, & designate 5 families to host a dinner course at their home. One for appetizers, one for salads, one for dinner, one for dessert, one for after dinner drinks! It’s a little excessive & I promise you’ll finish the night STUFFED, but it’s tons of fun! Read on for further instructions

    October 30th: Fall-themed scavenger hunt

    These require a bit of planning, but they are so worth it & your kids will love it! A fun twist: add some spooky steps to the hunt! Read on for some Scavenger Hunt ideas or you can create your own!

    October 31st: Halloween!

    Trick-or-treat! End this October with a BANG!

    Remember to DM us at our Instagram, @lulyboobaby. We’d LOVE to see photos of you & your family completing the daily challenges!

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