You Are What You Eat

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Food it’s one of life’s greatest gifts, am I right?

After a long day chasing the kids around the house and grinding in the office at work, there’s absolutely nothing better than pouring a glass of wine & gathering around the dinner table with the ones you love most. As these moments shape us, the meals we eat become us. You know what they say you are what you eat.

In honor of Father’s Day weekend, we’re showing some dad bloggers some love by featuring some of their best recipes and food tips! Here are some of our favorite recipes from some of our favorite Dad Bloggers!

  • Shrimp Taco Rice Bowl

  • Blogger, Derek Campanile, shares blogs about his favorite recipes to make home for his family after he gets home from the office everyday. One of our favorites recipes he shares on his blog, Dad with a Pan, the Shrimp Taco Rice Bowl (click the link for full recipe). As a Southern California-based company, this dish speaks our language. Afterall, anything with avocado and cholula thrown into the mix is a MUST TRY!

    One of our favorite things about this dish is that it allows for tons of flexibility for alternatives. Whether you’re kosher or allergic to dairy or gluten, this dish can be easily modified without compromising it’s flavor!

    1.         Fruit Filled S’mores

    Matt Robinson’s food recipes posted on his blog, Real Food By Dad, are little nuggets of gold (click link for recipe). In fact, we love so many of his recipes that it was nearly impossible to decide which recipe to feature.

    Everybody knows that summertime calls for 4th of July, campfires & fresh fruit. Therefore, Matt created quite possibly the greatest mash-up known to man, the Fruit Filled S’mores (skeptics, trust me on this one!)

    This patriotic treat oozes red, white & blue due to it’s blueberries, raspberries, and raspberry sauce. This treat also calls for chocolate sauce in addition to chocolate bars in order to compete with the fruity flavors.

    1.  Fun Bento Lunches

    If you have both school-aged kids, you need to check out Lunch Box Dad. His Bento Box creations are guaranteed to put a smile on any child’s face especially because he has come up with a wide variety of fun ideas.

    From healthy & hearty, to sweet and snacky, he’s created tons of fun combinations! Vans, Avengers, Captain Marvel, Dr. Suess his themed packages are a hit, and easy to replicate!

    As you’re planning your Father’s Day meal, keep some of these recipes in mind. Better yet take the time to browse all their recipes featured on their blogs. We hope you love these recipes/tips just as much as we do!
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