Pazit Ben-Ezri, Lulyboo’s Founder & CEO is nominee at OCBJ Women in Business Awards

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Orange County’s Business Journal launches its 2016 Women in Business Award.
Pazit Ben-Ezri’s nomination is a great acknowledgment of all the work achieved to innovate for babies and mothers !
In addition in LulyBoo’s hometown !
Please read the bio written by the OCBJ team :
Pazit Ben-Ezri is an Israeli-born, momma-visionary whose story embodies everything that is the “American Dream.” Shortly after settling down in Orange County in 2005, Ben-Ezri gave birth to her second child, Ronnie, and she realized the only place he slept was in the comfort of his own crib. After struggling to find an answer to Ronnie’s sleeping issues, Ben-Ezri roed up her sleeves and created a solution of her own. The final product was her Lulyboo baby lounge, a versatile, portable solution that mimics the comfort and feeling of the womb for baby, while seamlessly and in one- click, transforms into a backpack for parents on the go. Lulyboo’s whimsical charm and uniquely convenient features soon captured the hearts of fashionably active mommies and some of the biggest retailers in country, such as Babies R US, Amazon, FAO

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