Safety Comes First at Lulyboo

Since our inception, we’ve been focused on the safety and well-being of our little ones. That’s why we’ve created this list of helpful safety guidelines to keep everyone in your family safe. You can find more information in our FAQ page.

01 Lounging, Changing, Playing…But No Sleeping

Our comfy and cozy lounges are perfect for having fun, cuddling up or changing diapers — but never for sleeping or napping! When you lay your baby down for some shut eye, make sure to only use a crib or bassinet. 

02 They’ve Got All They Need

For the first year of baby’s life, make sure to keep all blankets, pillows, toys or other objects out of baby’s lounge. They don’t need anything in there, except for themselves. 

03 Back to Back

Make sure to always place your baby on their back during the first year of life, except when it’s tummy time and they’re being supervised by you. 

04 Pay Attention, Always

It’s always important that you play close attention to your baby at all times, especially when they’re in their Lulyboo lounge. It’s not a bassinet, play yard or crib, and does not have raised sides to protect them. 

05 The Key to Safety is Stability

Make sure to always place your Lulyboo lounge on the floor, or other firm, flat and stable surface. Placing it on a raised surface could put your child at risk of falling. 

06 Baby Not on Board

Our Lulyboo lounges are meant to be picked up and carried, but never with your child inside. When you want to transport your lounge, simply fold it up and carry it on your back. 

07 Keep It Together

To keep your little one as safe as possible in our lounge, make sure the cover is securely fastened to the bottom base at all times, and that the base is securely positioned inside of the lounge. 

08 Time for the Tummy

Our lounges make the perfect space for your little one to get in that healthy tummy time. Just make sure you are with them and supervising at all times. 

09 The Fine Print

Remember, we provide warning labels on all our products that you need to follow. These labels are designed to protect your little one, so it’s important you read them carefully.